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South Asia - Economic and Business Development Contacts

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Use the links above or scroll down for the directory of economic development organizations and other resources for planning foreign direct investment - FDI - projects in South Asia.
Contact us directly to seek advice and referrals for corporate expansion plans in India or other countries of South Asia.  This is an independent research and referral service - like a concierge, not a government promotional agency. Economic development organizations are encouraged to inform us of their websites and contact details so that we can make it easier for potential investors to find them.

Webinar about offshore outsourcing risks in India and contingency planning in the context of the Satyam Computer Services financial scandal.

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Information about Cityscape USA - This successful series of global events about commercial real estate investment and city development projects in big emerging markets will return to New York City in November 2009, and will also showcase developments in North American cities to major foreign investors.  Contact us for details.

Cityscape India - Mumbai

Cityscape China - Shanghai

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Cityscape Asia - Singapore

Cityscape Latin America - Sao Paulo 

New GUIDE Network Survey participants (published replies - optional) in the South Asia region will be highlighted here.
See explanation of column headings below.  We list contacts of potential interest to foreign corporate investors in this directory on a selective basis. Suggestions are welcome for other useful sources for investors, and please report any broken links.
India - national contacts

See also other sources, news media

Scope Contacts Website and other resources Survey Profile
Indian Investment Centre (IIC) National No No
India Department of Industrial Development National No No
India - Ministry of Commerce, Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion, Infrastructure Development National No No
Directorate General of Foreign Trade - foreign trade policy and trade facilitation National No No
India Brand Equity Foundation - maintains a resource center about doing business in India; also publishes India Now and Invest Now newsletters for foreign direct investment - FDI in India - and India Now quarterly magazine with industry sector reports, linked to Confederation of Indian Industry - CII National

Resource Center


No No
"India Shining" - former national PR campaign, widely publicized by former government as part of business attraction and tourism initiatives

Obsolete after the last election despite all the money they spent; the new tourism campaign has no business focus (Incredible India)



No No
Northern and Northwest India     Survey Profile
Uttar Pradesh State     No No
Rajasthan Bureau of Investment Promotion State No No
Delhi - and the city of New Delhi State     No No
Haryana State Industrial Corp State No No
Punjab State     No No
Himachal Pradesh State     No No
Jammu and Kashmir State     No No
Madhya Pradesh State     No No
Western India          
Gujarat State No No
Government of Maharashtra State No No
Maharashtra Economic Development Council State  No No
Maharashtra Industrial Development State No No
Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Association MMRDA Region No No
Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Mumbai) Chamber No No
Goa Financial & Investment Corp - located on the western coast of India No No
Southern India     Survey Profile
Government of Andhra Pradesh, Industries & Commerce Dept. State No No
Tamil Nadu Industrial Dev Corp State No No
Karnataka State     No No
Kerala - reportedly one of the few places where parents still name children after Lenin - we have not received any enquiries about investment there State     No No
North Eastern Region of India     Survey Profile
Bihar State     No No
Orissa State     No No
West Bengal Industrial Dev Corp State (Bangla) No No
Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region Region

Business summits

No No
Invest in Manipur State  No No
Tripura - Department of Industries & Commerce State


No No
Government of Meghalaya State

Industrial development information

No No
Government of Nagaland State

Industrial policy (2000)

No No
Arunachal Pradesh State   Industrial Policy 2001

state website

No No
Sikkim Small Industries Service Institute (SISI) State No No
Assam State Govt. State   Industrial Policy 1997 No No
Pakistan       Survey Profile
Pakistan Board of Investment (BOI), including information about Industrial Zones or industrial estates around the country National No No
Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) National No No
Export Promotion Bureau - abolished National   replaced by TDAP above No No
Export Processing Zones Authority National - free zones No No
Industrial Information Network - B2B and business information portal developed for the Ministry for Industries, Production and Special Initiatives National No No
Small & Medium Enterprise Development Authority - SMEDA - including cluster development work and business matchmakings National No No
Ministry of Privatization Commission National No No
Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry Capital chamber No No
Sindh (also translated as Sind province) Province   Industrial zones and estates No No
Karachi City     No No
Karachi Export Processing Zone - KEPZ - adjacent to the Landhi Industrial Area, not far from the Karachi Airport and national highway network. EPZ   KEPZ description by EPZA No No
Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry - KCCI Chamber No No
Karachi Port Trust Port No No
Port Qasim Authority - including Industrial Zones with large tracts available - developed as an alternative to the congested Karachi port area with national highway and rail access Port No No
Hyderabad - refer to Sindh province list of industrial zones and estates by the Pakistan BOI City     No No
Azad Jammu & Kashmir          
Azad Jammu & Kashmir Government - includes a special crisis site dealing with earthquake issues Region No No
Baluchistan (also translated as Balochistan) Province   Industrial zones and estates No No
Gawadar Port (also Gwadar) - Balochistan - near the Iranian border, intended to become a container cargo and  port on the Arabian Sea just outside the Persian Gulf, with links to Quetta and to central Asian states such as Afghanistan and others, with plans for an Export Processing Zone and Special Industrial Zone as well as a new oil refinery and petrochemicals complex. Port - new No No
North-West Frontier Province Province   Industrial zones and estates    
Sarhad Development Authority - Government of NWFP Region    
Risalpur Export Processing Zone - on the route from Islamabad to Peshawar near Mardan in the North-West Frontier Province leading toward the Khyber Pass (Landi Kotal) and Afghanistan EPZ     No No
Punjab Province   Industrial zones and estates No No
Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce & Industry - RCCI - developing an Export Processing Zone near Islamabad Chamber No No
Sialkot Export Processing Zone EPZ     No No
Sialkot Chamber of Commerce & Industry Chamber No No
Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry Chamber No No
Multan - see also Industries Department Punjab, developing an Export Processing Zone City     No No
Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry - FCCI Chamber No No
Gujranwala - see also Punjab Small Industries Corporation (PSIC) developing an Export Processing Zone City     No No
Afghanistan       Survey Profile
Afghan Investment Support Agency (AISA) National

Suleman Fatimie

+93(20)210 3404

see also other sources below

Pending Example



Bangladesh, Nepal, and Bhutan   Survey Profile
Bangladesh Board of Investment National No No
Bhutan National     No No
Nepal Industrial Promotion Div., Min. of Industry National No No
Sri Lanka and Maldives    Survey Profile
Sri Lanka Board of Investment (BOI) National

No No
Sri Lanka Government National No No
Sri Lanka Trade Portal National No No
Sri Lanka Export Development Board National No No
Sri Lanka Ports Authority - Port of Colombo Ports No No
Maldives Foreign Investment Services Bureau National No No

Southwest Asia Region   

See also Afghanistan and Pakistan, above.  Iran and Iraq are in the Middle East directory.

Survey Profile
Kazakhstan Investment Centre KAZINVEST National No No
Turkmenistan National   not yet identified No No
Uzbekistan Foreign Investment Agency National No No
Kyrgyzstan GOSCOMINVEST National No No
Tajikistan Agency for Promotion of Foreign Investments National No No
Explanation of column headings above
  •  Organizations are generally sorted in postal code order so that locations which are geographically close to each other will usually (not always) be grouped together.  This is a selective directory, even though the state directory is more comprehensive than the very selective one we will maintain at the regional level to highlight the organizations which support our work or are found to be of frequent interest for the convenience of the executives and business advisors we serve.
  •  Scope : is the area served by the organization, and postal code.  We may include thumbnail maps which expand to show information about participating areas, or link directly to good maps or GIS research tools on the organization's website.
  •  Contacts : relationship leader at GDI Solutions for maintaining information about contacts in this area.  If there is a working relationship through our various GUIDE services, we also list the key organization contact, phone, and optional e-mail.
  •  Website and other resources : Aside from the main website link, we may include other direct links to highlight special features of expected interest to executives, especially if they might not be readily noticed by just visiting the website.  A good example of this is when relevant content is actually maintained somewhere else, such as a regional website rather than the local one, so that one would otherwise need to know to follow the available links between the websites.


The presence, absence, or position of any organization on these lists, or their position on the lists, does not imply any endorsement or opinion about their services, nor by them about our own.

The selections are simply intended to be helpful to executives who may be unaware of such contacts, or how to reach their websites quickly.  Please contact us directly for relevant introductions or any additional contacts, market knowledge, and research which we don't publish.

Contact information for relationship leaders at GDI Solutions :
Name e-mail Phone Fax
Bruce Donnelly 847-304-4655 847-304-5375
This directory selectively highlights participating economic development organizations and professional service provider contacts in the South Asia region by including more relevant links to useful content than just the local website.  The directory may also identify other contacts of potential interest to executives and business advisors on a selective basis, as in the case of the following initial examples.  We work together with EDO's to share timely knowledge about the benefits of their areas as we serve potential investors and advisors who are responsible for business location or site selection decisions for foreign direct investment (FDI) or capital investment projects such as new factories or offices, expansion projects, business relocation, and consolidation of operations as in post-merger integration situations.

Related services support global B2B technology partnering.  Please contact us for project assistance

The South Asia earthquake disaster in the Kashmir region of Pakistan and India has not attracted as much charitable assistance as the tsunami disaster despite the urgent needs of people in the region during the harsh winter conditions there.

The dramatic media coverage of the tsunami was not matched by similar interest in the earthquake, which was a disaster of similar scale - but at a time when attention in the United States was largely focused on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and Rita.

The above link is to a selective directory of cross-border humanitarian services for economic development, poverty reduction, and disaster relief in general.

There is a selective regional directory of charities below for some of the charitable organizations which are active in the South Asia region.  See also government sources.

The Afghan Investment Support Agency has been set up as a "one stop shop" to facilitate investment in Afghanistan, traditionally a crossroads location for trade in South Asia over many centuries.  The challenge of literally rebuilding the country after decades of conflict may create opportunities for companies.

The Industrial Parks Development Authority is already dealing with the complexity of establishing industrial parks in three strategic locations - Bagrami, Kandahar, and Mazar-I-Sharif.  The Afghanistan Reconstruction Task Force of the US Dept of Commerce may also be a useful resource for US companies with interests in the country, in addition to contact with the US Embassy in Kabul for assistance.

There is some progress toward development of a South Asia Free Trade Area (SAFTA), and India was exploring new bilateral trade agreements with South Africa, Brazil, and others in 2004.

At this time these initiatives do not seem to have much impact on foreign direct investment (FDI) considerations, other than trade issues, but potential investors may wish to consider and monitor the future impact of such changes along with other political-economic factors in the region, such as the recent change in the national government and political party leadership in India.

Other sources of information     

The following additional sources of information are included here for ease of reference.

Refer also to the list of US Government and related information sources for these or other countries.

Refer also to our Bookshelf suggestions for India and other countries in the region.

Source Website
South Asia earthquake disaster - see also humanitarian / charitable / nongovernmental organizations (NGO's) such as non-profit groups active in the region (scroll down) Our general directory of humanitarian and philanthropic organizations is also relevant, as may be our selective directory of international business forums
US Agency for International Development - South Asian earthquake relief efforts - and ongoing program information from the US AID offices in Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan

US Department of State - South Asian earthquake, government response, links
US Department of Defense - South Asian earthquake relief information, military support
Afghanistan Reconstruction Task Force - US Dept of Commerce
ASEAN Focus Group

Asia Society, their Asia Business Today events,

and their Asia Source service for country comparisons

US Dept of State, Bureau of South Asian Affairs : Links to Background Notes series and other information for countries of South Asia
US Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs - travel warnings by country
US Library of Congress :  India - A Country Study
American Embassy, US & Foreign Commercial Service office, which prepares the Country Commercial Guide - link for international contact lists of US Government
American Embassy, Kabul

Embassy of Afghanistan - in London and Washington DC
Consulate General of Afghanistan in New York
Industry Associations and Chambers of Commerce and Industry  
Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI)
Confederation of Indian Industry - CII
NASSCOM - IT software and services trade association, chamber of commerce
Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India
Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Mumbai)
FIEO - Federation of Indian Export Organizations
Silicon India
MAIT - Manufacturers Association of Information Technology - IT hardware, design, R&D  with an open members directory, company website links
IEEMA - Indian Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers Association
ELCINA - Electronic Industries Association of India - formerly Electronic Component Industries Association
Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers Association - IMTMA   has many links to Indian and international sources
Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India
US-Pakistan Business Council, Washington DC
Pakistan International Chamber of Commerce, Atlanta GA
Sri Lanka  
Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka
The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce
ICTA Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka
South Asia - tourist information  
Incredible India - multi-million dollar tourism promotion campaign by the Ministry of Tourism & Culture, Dept. of Tourism - with hardly a mention of business issues or relevant sources despite all of the business travelers to India, and use of business media such as full page color ads in the Financial Times - see other sources for India as listed above and below
Lonely Planet - and link to destination guides for Asia, and travel links to many other sources of information - publishes useful guidebooks on many countries, with historical and cultural information as well as objective ratings of hotels and other travel services

South Asia Tourism Society, Delhi India - SAARC Tourism provides general information about tourism in Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka
Information, directories, professional articles, and business link websites  
Maps of India - state and local
CMIE - database and research report specialist on business in India
Indian Exports Online 
IndiaMART - InterMesh Ltd - various B2B online business promotion marketplaces
Indlaw Communications Pvt. Ltd. - Indian law and trade law information, articles
Lex Infotax (India) Pvt. Ltd. - this accounting and law firm publishes some information about commercial property transactions and other topics - many links to other sources
SouthAsiaLogistics - a similar service is available for the Middle East
Urban Pakistan
News Media Note : "crore" = 10 million  "lakh" = 100,000
India Times, and The Economic Times
Express India and The Financial Express
Business Standard (India)
India Today
The Hindu - and Business Line
Dawn - a popular Pakistani newspaper in English, particularly in Karachi
The Nation - since 1940, popular English newspaper in Islamabad, Punjab and Karachi
Pakistan News Service - Sunnyvale CA and Lahore, Islamabad, other cities
Jang newspapers - large English and Urdu news group in Pakistan
Pakistan Daily - WN Network (World News Network) and
The Frontier Post - news from Quetta and Peshawar; also Afghanistan coverage
Financial Times - Asia Pacific news
Asia Observer - general news site for countries throughout Asia
Asia Times Online - online publisher of news / views about the region
Time Magazine Asia online edition, business section
Far Eastern Economic Review (a Dow Jones publication)
Voice of America
Non-governmental organizations, charitable organizations

As executives look to grow their business interests in the region, they may also want to consider "venture philanthropy" opportunities to share knowledge, technology, and financial resources through charitable organizations, including efficient micro-scale development projects rather than just the traditional work of larger non-governmental organizations (NGO's) or governmental and multilateral agency aid programs.


see also : Humanitarian and philanthropic organizations - selective global directory

South Asia Earthquake Relief Fund - initiative led by five US CEO's at the request of President George W. Bush to help coordinate private and corporate donations.  Organized by CECP - Committee to Encourage Corporate Philanthropy -
InterAction - American Council for Voluntary International Action - maintains a web page with links to various charitable organizations engaged in disaster relief work in South Asia

Afghan Women’s Business Federation - new organization set up in October 2005 in Kabul with some assistance from US AID to support women entrepreneurs  
Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy   and earthquake relief
Give2Asia is a U.S. nonprofit set up by The Asia Foundation to promote charitable giving
Hidaya Foundation - Santa Clara CA - helps poor in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and elsewhere in South Asia and West Africa - active in Pakistani earthquake relief effort
IFRC International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
Islamic Relief - including special services related to the South Asia earthquake disaster in the Kashmir region of Pakistan and India in 2005; already active in Pakistan for many years, their work also covers many other countries

Association for the Development of Pakistan - Boston MA - set up in 2003 - active in support of the Pakistani earthquake relief effort
Aga Khan Development Network - and the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED), which focuses on promoting entrepreneurship in industry, tourism, and financial services, particularly but not exclusively for the benefit of the Ismaili Muslim community which is spread across many countries of South and Central Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.  AKFED includes the Industrial Promotion Services (IPS).
Asha for Education - support for basic education of underprivileged children in India
Central Asia Institute, Bozeman Montana

Supports community-based programs in education, women's empowerment, public health and conservation in remote mountain regions of Central Asia (Pakistan, Afghanistan).
CitiHope International, Inc.
The Citizens Foundation - for secular education in Pakistan
Creating Hope International - Projects include collaboration with Afghan Institute of Learning
Global Giving (Many Futures, Inc.) - set up by former World Bank staff

Seeking investment in small-scale, private development initiatives such as entrepreneurial ventures rather than traditional aid programs and infrastructure projects.  

formerly known as

Help the Afghan Children - HTAC - setting up schools, health projects
Mercy Corps
SARID - South Asia Research Institute for Policy and Development - promotes sustainable development in South Asia; based in Cambridge MA
Regional events Website
BioAsia 2004, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, Feb 26-28, 2004
Corporate Real Estate Firms

This section will be used  for convenience to highlight major corporate real estate firms with operations in the region.

See also the global CRE list, which can be used to find local offices of firms which may not be highlighted below.

We may also provide selective major property listings for the region, with links to the real estate firms and agents involved.

Indian Ground Realty Mantra - informative website about the real estate market in India, both residential and commercial
RMZ Corp (Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai) - business park developer
K Raheja Corp, Mumbai
Colliers International - India (Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi)   
Oncor International - Jain Estates
Corporate real estate development projects  
ICICI Knowledge Park, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
Shapoorji Pallonji Biotech Park
Business Location Consultants, Project Management, Architecture, Engineering, Interior Design, and Construction

This section will be used to highlight major firms within the region, as well as global firms with significant experience in the region.

See also the selective global lists of location consultants and project management services.

Tax and Legal Consultants

This section will be used to highlight major firms within the region, as well as global firms with significant experience in the region.

See also the selective global lists of tax advisors and international legal advisors.

Human Resources - executive search and other services see our global directory for Human Resources contacts
Korn/Ferry International - recently expanded and relocated in Mumbai
ICICI Bank, India
Standard Chartered, India  
Askari Bank, Pakistan
National Bank of Pakistan  
Commercial Bank of Ceylon, Sri Lanka
Kazkommertsbank, Kazakhstan
Indian Railways
Indian Railways Fan Club - IRFCA - history of Indian Railways
Pakistan National Railways
Karachi Port Trust, - Sind province, Pakistan
Port Qasim Authority - PQA (Muhammed Bin Qasim), 50km southeast of Karachi Pakistan, as described by the Pakistan Board of Investment.  This port was developed in part to avoid the delays and congestion of moving inland freight through the city of Karachi.
Kandala Port Trust
Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust   location
Port of Calcutta - Calcutta Port Trust - Kolkata Port Trust
Mumbai Port Trust - western India (formerly known as Bombay) 
Mormugao Port Trust - western India, in Goa
Paradip Port Trust - serves the northeast region of India - Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Bihar
Cochin Port Trust - Kerala India
Tuticorin Port Trust - southeast India   location

changing to  - not yet

Container Corporation of India Ltd. - CONCOR
New Mangalore Port Trust  
Pipavav Port Trust   location
Chennai Port Trust  
Ports in India - minor ports in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, and other districts
Regional directories of area representatives (investment promotion agencies - IPA's, regional economic development organizations or agencies - RDA's, EDO's) and related contacts for the support of foreign direct investment - FDI - projects.
US : Northeast US : Great Lakes Canada Mexico
US : Mid Atlantic US : North Central US : Mountain South America
US : Southeast US : South Central US : West Coast Central America, Caribbean
Europe South Asia Australia, New Zealand Middle East, and Africa
China, Taiwan Southeast Asia Korea Japan

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