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Southeast Asia and Pacific - Economic and Business Development Contacts

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Singapore Malaysia Thailand Vietnam Laos maps for Southeast Asia
Philippines Indonesia Papua New Guinea Cambodia Myanmar contacts for South Asia
Myanmar cyclone disaster - those who want to help with disaster relief efforts may find our humanitarian directory to be helpful for reference.
 Scroll down for the directory of economic development contacts for foreign direct investment projects - FDI - in the Southeast Asia and Pacific region. 
Information about Cityscape USA - This successful series of global events about commercial real estate investment and city development projects in big emerging markets will come to New York City in September 2008, and will also showcase developments in North American cities to major foreign investors.  Contact us for details.

Cityscape Asia - Singapore April 14-16, 2009

Cityscape China - Shanghai June 25-27, 2008

Cityscape India - Mumbai, December 8-10. 2008

Cityscape Dubai   October 6-9, 2008

Cityscape Abu Dhabi   May 13-15, 2008

Cityscape Latin America - Sao Paulo  November 4-6, 2008

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New GUIDE Network Survey participants or GUIDE Area Profile participants in the region will be highlighted here.
Area Profiles and Area Surveys (.pdf Survey form) are executive summary presentations for potential investors about business locations.  These may include maps, links to commercial real estate listings of available industrial and office sites and buildings, investment project news, information about existing businesses in the area, labor market information, and investment incentives. We can also highlight recent project announcements, advertising, and promotional events as well as independent consultant research reports about communities or industry clusters. 

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The US-ASEAN Business Council, Inc. in Washington DC at may also be of interest, including special initiatives such as the US-Thailand Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Business Coalition with the National Association of Manufacturers, and their organization of senior executive trade missions and business "matchmaker" services in the ASEAN region.

Many biotechnology and other life sciences companies from Southeast Asia, as well as Asian investment promotion agencies looking to attract biotech companies to their research, science and technology parks  were among the BIO exhibitors or attendees in recent years.

We specialize in personal, independent introductions to relevant professional service providers such as business location strategy consultants and our many economic development contacts according to the project interests of the executives we serve.

Please contact us to discuss such services or introductory referrals.


The International Business Introduction Service

for Technology-Led Business Cluster Development

Contact us for project assistance or to seek advice and referrals.

Executives are encouraged to reply to our private Guest Book or Opt-In Research service.  These help us to continuously improve and share research privately according to special interests and communication preferences.    We can also perform custom research.

Investment promotion agencies (IPA's) and economic development agencies from the local to national level in any area are encouraged to reply to our GUIDE Network Survey. (PDF)

Selective directory of cross-border humanitarian services for regional economic development, poverty reduction, and disaster relief services.

See explanation of column headings below.  There are no pop-up ads on this website, but if you use a pop-up blocker, see this notice if it is causing problems.

Other regional maps : China and Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Australia and New Zealand

We welcome suggestions of other useful sources, and please report any broken links.


We also welcome reciprocal links from relevant organizations.

Philippines Contacts


Website and other resources Survey Profile
Philippines Board of Investments National No No
Philippines National Economic Development Authority National No No
Mindanao Economic Development Regional No No
Singapore Contacts


  Survey Profile
Singapore National No No
Singapore Economic Development Board National

No No
Singapore Trade Development Board National No No
Singapore Ministry of Trade & Industry National No No
JTC Corporation, one-north Development Group Development

No No
Singapore Telecom Asian regional utility No No
Kingdom of Thailand Contacts


  Survey Profile
Thailand Board of Investment National No No
Thailand Economic Development Board National No No
Ministry of Foreign Affairs - business links, agreements, and economic briefing National   business links No No
Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand - IEAT - including incentives information National No No
NSTDA National Science & Technology Development Agency, Thailand National No No



  Survey Profile
Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (MIDA) National No No
Malaysia - Selangor State Investment Centre (SSIC) State No No
Kulim Hi-Tech Park, Kulim Technology Park Corp (KTPC) Development, Penang Ahmad Shukri Tajuddin   No No
Indonesia   Survey Profile
Indonesia Board of Investment and State Owned Enterprises National No No
Papua New Guinea          
Papua New Guinea Investment Promotion Authority State No No
Vietnam Ministry of Planning and Investment National No No
Ho Chi Minh City Department of Planning and Investment, Vietnam City No No
Laos - Lao PDR          
Foreign Investment Management Cabinet (FIMC) National No No
Council for the Development of Cambodia National No No
  National   not yet identified No No
Explanation of column headings above
  •  Organizations are generally sorted in postal code order so that locations which are geographically close to each other will usually (not always) be grouped together.  This is a selective directory, even though the state directory is more comprehensive than the very selective one we will maintain at the regional level to highlight the organizations which support our work or are found to be of frequent interest for the convenience of the executives and business advisors we serve.
  •  Scope : is the area served by the organization, and postal code.  We may include thumbnail maps which expand to show information about participating areas, or link directly to good maps or GIS research tools on the organization's website.
  •  Contacts : relationship leader at GDI Solutions for maintaining information about contacts in this area.  If there is a working relationship through our various GUIDE services, we also list the key organization contact, phone, and optional e-mail.
  •  Website and other resources : Aside from the main website link, we may include other direct links to highlight special features of expected interest to executives, especially if they might not be readily noticed by just visiting the website.  A good example of this is when relevant content is actually maintained somewhere else, such as a regional website rather than the local one, so that one would otherwise need to know to follow the available links between the websites.
The default for all other columns is "No" unless the organization supports our work.
  •  Survey : areas which have responded to our GUIDE Network Survey, with a link to their response for convenience if published (optional) and highlighted at the top.  This is often useful as an executive summary at the "long list" stage of location selection.
  •  Profile : participates in our GUIDE Area Profile service (also highlighted at the top of the page).  This involves a closer working relationship to maintain more timely and detailed knowledge of the area throughout the year, and also involves a more detailed executive summary on the website, with many relevant links.  If there are significant incentives in the area, we may also link to a GUIDE Incentives Profile.
All area representatives are encouraged to reply to the free GUIDE Network Survey, which consists of very basic questions to help maintain timely knowledge about many areas for referral purposes.  Area representatives : see how to participate.  Current service pricing is listed on the Order Form (Adobe Acrobat .PDF file).  Refer also to any special offers.  Please help us to help you by supporting our work.

Executives who use this service are encouraged to respond to our free Executive Survey, which helps us to continuously improve.

The presence, absence, or position of any organization on these lists, or their position on the lists, does not imply any endorsement or opinion about their services, nor by them about our own.

The selections are simply intended to be helpful to executives who may be unaware of such contacts, or how to reach their websites quickly.  Please contact us directly for relevant introductions or any additional contacts, market knowledge, and research which we don't publish.

Contact information for relationship leaders at GDI Solutions :
Name e-mail Phone Fax
Bruce Donnelly 847-304-4655 847-304-5375
This directory selectively highlights participating economic development organizations and professional service provider contacts in the Southeast Asia and Pacific region by including more relevant links to useful content than just the local website.  The directory may also identify other contacts of potential interest to executives and business advisors on a selective basis, as in the case of the following initial examples.  We work together with EDO's to share timely knowledge about the benefits of their areas as we serve potential investors and advisors who are responsible for business location or site selection decisions for foreign direct investment (FDI) or capital investment projects such as new factories or offices, expansion projects, business relocation, and consolidation of operations as in post-merger integration situations.

Please contact us for project assistanceRelated services support global B2B technology partnering

Other sources of information


The following additional sources of information are included here for ease of reference.  Refer also to our Bookshelf suggestions.  

Refer also to the list of US Government and related information sources for these or other countries.

Source Website
MIGA (The World Bank) published (Dec 2003) a FDI benchmarking study of six countries in Asia (China, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam) in two industries, electronics manufacturing and shared services. The resulting report, titled Benchmarking FDI Competitiveness in Asia, provides a critical view of each country's business environment from the perspective of potential investors, including comparable information on key factors that multinational enterprises consider either when choosing a new site, or when expanding within a region.  Although the purpose of the report is to help governments understand their relative strengths and weaknesses as competing locations for FDI, it may also be helpful background for potential investors in the region.

US Dept of State Country Information for the East Asia and Pacific region
American Embassy in Singapore, US & Foreign Commercial Service office, which prepares the Country Commercial Guide 

Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)

and BizAPEC online business support

American Chamber of Commerce, Singapore
Financial Times - Asia Pacific news
Asia Observer - general news site for countries throughout Asia
Asia Times Online - online publisher of news / views about the region
Singapore Window - private website selection of news clippings about region
Singapore Expats - relocation and housing portal, and Forum bulletin board
Living in Indonesia - private links to resources, ExpatsForum Forum - private website about Indonesia
Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle - IMT-GT - information website with links to sources of economic development information about the region (a 1993 initiative with periodic ministerial summits) maintained by the National Electronics and Computer Technology Center - NECTEC - in Thailand (Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment).

The IMT-GT initiative selectively covers some areas of these countries - North Sumatera and Aceh in Indonesia; Kedah, Perlis, Penang and Perak in Malaysia; and Satun, Narathiwat, Yala, Songkhla and Pattani in Thailand.

The Asian Development Bank also shares some information about the IMT-GT region.

US-ASEAN Business Council in Washington DC - including initiatives such as the US-Thailand Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Business Coalition with the National Association of Manufacturers
ASEAN Focus Group

Asia Society, their Asia Business Today events,

and their Asia Source service for country comparisons

Vietnam Economy, Vietnam Economic Times
Time Magazine Asia online edition, business section
Far Eastern Economic Review (a Dow Jones publication)
Corporate Real Estate Firms

This section will be used  for convenience to highlight major corporate real estate firms with operations in the region.

See also the global CRE list, which can be used to find local offices of firms which may not be highlighted below.

We may also provide selective major property listings for the region, with links to the real estate firms and agents involved.

Colliers International - Indonesia (Jakarta, Surabaya), Malaysia (Ipoh, Johor Bahru, Klang, Kuala Lumpur, Kuantan, Malacca, Penang, Seremban ), Philippines (Manila), Singapore
Regus - furnished, staffed, and equipped offices on short-term leases, plus meeting rooms, videoconferencing, and temporary (daily) space which may be useful to project teams needing a place to operate in an area during planning or startup work   for list of offices in over 300 locations worldwide

including Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam

Business Location Consultants, Project Management, Architecture, Engineering, Interior Design, and Construction

This section will be used to highlight major firms within the region, as well as global firms with significant experience in the region.

See also the selective global lists of location consultants and project management services.

Tractus Asia - offices in Shanghai and Bangkok, specialized in Asian location consulting
The Austin Company - see Profile (link) of services; offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Singapore, and Shanghai
PacTac Advisors - Dennis Smith, location consultant in NY, formerly with Austrade
Tax and Legal Consultants

This section will be used to highlight major firms within the region, as well as global firms with significant experience in the region.

See also the selective global lists of tax advisors and international legal advisors.


Banks        This list identifies major banks in the region for convenience.  See also the selective global list in the corporate development and finance section.

Bank of the Philippine Islands, Philippines
Public Bank, Malaysia
HSBC (The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd.)
Bangkok Bank, Thailand
Bank Mandiri, Indonesia
Financial Services Internet Network - list of websites for Asian banks (may not be current)
Regional directories of area representatives (investment promotion agencies - IPA's, regional economic development organizations or agencies - RDA's, EDO's) and related contacts for the support of foreign direct investment - FDI - projects.
US : Northeast US : Great Lakes Canada Mexico
US : Mid Atlantic US : North Central US : Mountain South America
US : Southeast US : South Central US : West Coast Central America, Caribbean
Europe South Asia Australia, New Zealand Middle East, and Africa
China, Taiwan Southeast Asia Korea Japan

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