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Bruce Donnelly    (Biography)

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The directory below links to personal GUIDE Biographic Profiles for participants in our Network such as service providers or economic development organization representatives.

We may also identify corporate executives (with their prior consent as explained below) and other contacts of potential interest to the executives we serve on a very selective basis.

There is a further explanation below the listings about this section.

Service providers are sorted by specialty, followed by economic development officials sorted by geographic region.  As this directory grows, it will be divided into multiple pages and indexed by specialty or location in the same manner as our other directories.

Suggestions are welcome.  

The Biographic Profiles will generally follow a standard Template for consistency, but we can also link to published biographies maintained on the websites of their companies so that they can be updated easily at any time.

The presence, absence, or position of any individual on these lists does not imply any endorsement or opinion about their services, nor by them about our own. 

The selections are simply intended to be helpful to executives or advisors who may be unaware of such contacts, or how to reach them or their companies quickly.

We maintain thousands of contacts through our internal knowledgebase, and can quickly find others through our research capabilities or contact networks.

These are just the ones for which we can openly share GUIDE Biographic Profiles at this time to highlight their specialized capabilities for convenient reference.

We specialize in personal, independent introductions to relevant professional service providers such as business location strategy consultants and our many economic development contacts according to the project interests of the executives we serve.

Please contact us to discuss such services or introductory referrals.


The International Business Introduction Service

for Technology-Led Business Cluster Development

Name (link to Biographic Profile) Professional specialty Location Organization (link to Area or Service Profile)
GDI Solutions      
Bruce Donnelly Relationship development, global direct investment project support for executives (CRM, B2B) Chicago IL suburbs Global Direct Investment Solutions
Phil Eadon Technology business partnering.  InterTech events

Relationship development among corporate investors and investment promotion agencies in Europe

Durham, Northern England service to Global Direct Investment Solutions

previously Director of Marketing for the County Durham Development Co. in England.

Credits and Incentives      
Location Consultants      
Rene Buck Global location & incentives consulting as an independent service, with an emphasis on Europe (west and east) and Asia The Netherlands Buck Consultants International
Ed McCallum Primarily US location selection and incentives negotiation, with particular focus on southeast US manufacturing projects Greeneville, SC McCallum Sweeney Consulting

Dennis Donovan Global location & incentives consulting, with an emphasis largely on the North American market

New York metro area

(Bridgewater, NJ)

WDG Consulting, LLC
Jerry Szatan Site selection consulting for industrial, office, R&D and other facilities Chicago, IL

Szatan & Associates

Marcel De Meirleir Global location & incentives consulting as an independent professional service; formerly with Ernst & Young and founder of Plant Location International Brussels suburbs Business Location International, Belgium

see also 2006 book on site selection

Robert Ady Site selection and incentives negotiation, economic development consulting, public speaking on above Chicago, IL Ady International Company
Don Schjeldahl Global location & incentives consulting, with an emphasis on the North American market, with optional engineering, design, construction, and project implementation services, including factory relocations, production processes, supply chain Cleveland, OH The Austin Company Facilities Location Services
Ron Ruberg Labor market analysis and site selection such as for regional HQ's, call centers, R&D, data centers, and other industrial, distribution, or office projects. West Long Branch, NJ Location Advisory Services
Project Management including design, engineering, construction    
David Fite US full service design build construction, particularly for distribution and industrial projects, including architect, engineer, construction, project management and process installation Jackson, Tennessee H+M Company, Inc. - Survey
Trade Promotion including economic development services    
Russ Froneberger

Services to economic development agencies interested in (1) domestic and international economic development (2) trade development, and (3) marketing training and planning.

Columbia, SC Global Consulting and Affiliates
Economic Development   Korea  
Economic Development   Australia  
Economic Development   Europe  
Economic Development   US Northeast  
John R. DiNapoli Business Development Manager, Business Resource Center - supports new business and expansion projects State of New Hampshire Division of Economic Development - Article : Why NH?
Stephen Heavener Executive Director Concord, NH Capital Regional Development Council
Economic Development   US Mid-Atlantic  
Phyllis M. Owens, CEcD   Fayetteville, North Carolina Cumberland County Business Council - Survey  Profile
Economic Development   US Southeast  
Economic Development   US Great Lakes  
Economic Development   US North Central  
Jonathan Krebs (Jon) Executive Director Kearney, NE Buffalo County EDC
Economic Development   US South Central  
Economic Development   US Mountain  
Economic Development   US West Coast  
Economic Development   Canada  
Economic Development   Mexico  
Corporate Real Estate see also professional associations    
Nick Criss Director, Industrial Services, Mexico San Diego, California Cushman & Wakefield
Paul Caine Managing Director for Latin America & Caribbean San Diego, California NAI Latin America & Caribbean
Brian French Managing Director, for corporate real estate services Toronto, Ontario NAI Canada
Project Finance including tax advisors, bankers, M&A, insurance    
Legal Advisors      
Corporate Executives see explanation below - most will remain unlisted    
Corporate executives may also choose to be listed

 Executives who have agreed to disclose their participation in the use of the services of GDI Solutions, whether or not they are currently engaged in the planning of any major projects, may also be listed here for free.  Once again, this can facilitate appropriate introductions and networking.  It isn't a resume listing service.

B2B Networking opportunities - open or private

A listing may also facilitate networking with peers at other firms, such as to share knowledge of "proven solutions" or "lessons learned" more directly, with links to any published feedback as may be appropriate.  It may identify areas of special interest to help peers recognize common interests, as in B2B partnering services.

Executives may wish to make it easier for economic development professionals or service providers to contact the most appropriate individuals at their firms, and understand their respective roles and experience, or explain their expected needs in general (or lack of them).  This can include the highlighting of potential areas of interest, even if no investment project in such areas is foreseen at this time, as well as guidance about areas which are known to be of no interest.  For example, an executive may wish to clarify the investment decision process and relevant contacts at the company to minimize inappropriate approaches to that executive or other colleagues, which wastes time on both sides.  A Company Profile can instead encourage contact from individuals whose capabilities may be relevant. If desired, executives may also identify existing links, such as preferred service providers (well-established relationships, outsourcing, etc.), as well as the types of services which may be of interest in the future, such as to invite enquiries from suitably qualified professionals for needs which may be difficult to address.  This is distinct from an open request for project support, as the needs may be more general in nature, and unrelated to a specific investment project.  For example, an executive may be looking to identify professionals with market entry knowledge and relevant contacts in China, even if no direct investment project is foreseen yet.  In effect, this can be a simple "wish list" feature to identify unmet current or prospective needs for which relevant enquiries might actually be welcome.
Note that as part of our GUIDE Network research we may be familiar with the capabilities of many individuals who will not choose to become active participants in our services, or to be listed here.  We should become more familiar with the active participants in our GUIDE and SICR services through closer working relationships.

The Biographic Profiles mainly introduce corporate executives or advisors to those contacts who support our services, but we maintain many more contacts than these.  Please contact us directly for relevant introductions or any additional contacts, market knowledge, and research which we don't publish.

The directory reflects only a sample of the contacts we maintain or can quickly find through our networks or research.  These summaries of professional capabilities and experience by leading specialists facilitate personal introductory referrals to relevant firms and individuals among the executives and advisors we serve. 

As the lists grow, we will divide them into multiple pages for convenience, while still making easy to browse through the list by specialty or location, rather than searching a database for a company or personal name - easily done by [Ctrl][f} - to find them.

The Biographic Profile content is provided by the participants, and GDI Solutions does not accept liability for accuracy or reliance on such information provided to us, although we try to maintain the quality and consistency of the Profiles and expect all participant to provide us with accurate information for this purpose. Please contact us directly if interested in participating in this service, or for details about other ways to share timely and actionable knowledge of capabilities to serve investors well that we may prepare and maintain an effective Biographic Profile and other GUIDE services.  We don't need to know lots of details - just enough to identify opportunities to make relevant and valuable introductions among our many contacts.
Better knowledge of past experience makes it easier to recognize relevant business opportunities, or to identify more opportunities by asking the right questions on the basis of knowledge about project planning issues or ways to add value for clients which might not have been anticipated otherwise.  Such detailed knowledge of capabilities and experience, however, is generally of a more proprietary and confidential nature, and is therefore not shared openly in this Biographic Profile. The minimal cost involved to participate in this service supports the professional time and effort required to maintain a closer working relationship and greater familiarity with participant's capabilities (beyond the published summary in the Profile) so that we will have better knowledge to determine when the introduction of participants may be appropriate to the specific needs of a corporate executive or business advisor.  It also supports our work to prepare, publish, and maintain such website content.
This is not a listing service for the resumes of job-seekers.  Knowledge of personal capabilities shared through this section complements the knowledge we share of organizational capabilities through GUIDE Service Profiles or Area Profiles. The GUIDE Network Biographic Profiles and the separate but related GUIDE Area Profiles or GUIDE Service Profiles are not free listings for participants, but are free to users (corporate executives and advisors who may refer to them here). 
The illustrative examples above show how this directory will work.  Participants in our other GUIDE or SICR services may choose not to participate in this voluntary service to make Biographic Profiles readily available. 

When applicable, there are links to related GUIDE Area Profiles or Service Profiles, which describe organizational rather than personal capabilities and experience.

This is intended to be a selective list for the convenience of the executives we serve, so we will not agree to include a listing for anyone who is willing to pay the fee.  This is not an advertising service or professional association directory.  As it grows, we may restructure the list to make it easier for executives and advisors to search for relevant contacts quickly, as we do through our internal databases, but our focus is to make relevant introductions privately, rather than through such a directory listing.
Regional directories of economic development organizations and contacts, websites.  See also : Invest USA and USA Search - Area Search - CRE Search
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US : Southeast US : South Central US : West Coast Central America, Caribbean
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China, Taiwan Southeast Asia Korea Japan
State directories of US regional, county, city, and utility economic development organizations and chambers of commerce which promote new business investment


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Economic development directory - alphabetical list by state for convenience

Same links as provided by the abbreviations at left (not familiar to all foreign visitors)

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Professional service providers and other resources.   See also : Directories and 
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