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What do leading professionals and executives say about our work?

We have asked a few of our friends, supporters, and users of this website to share their comments about this website and our work, including suggestions for improvement.

Whether they are willing to share such comments here, or just want to offer advice privately, our goal is to continually improve the quality of the service we offer to executives, their professional advisors, and the economic development professionals who choose to support our work, particularly as a source of very well-qualified referrals.

We thank the many friends who have supported the development of this business, and look forward to working with others soon to make it even more useful.

We welcome your comments, too.


Bruce Donnelly, President

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Global Direct Investment Solutions, Inc.

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We perform US marketing and advertising sales work for fDi - Foreign Direct Investment magazine, which is published by FT Business, part of the Financial Times group.


Comments about our work, including suggestions for improvement Our comments in response
Dennis Donovan, WDG Consulting LLC (Wadley-Donovan-Gutshaw)

It would be helpful, for quick reference, for more economic development organizations to share timely information through this site as a summary of major recent developments and what really differentiates their area for potential investors.

  •  Why should it be on the long list or short list?
  •  What advantages can the area offer?
  •  What types of projects would be most relevant to the strengths of the area?

In particular, what I would really like to be able to find quickly is the typical information that we must verbally or electronically request, which should be standard offerings by EDO's.

This includes a factual executive summary with direct links to verify details for :

  •  major employers by sector,
  •  new and expanding firms, or downsizing firms,
  •  tax practices and rates,
  •  synopsis of incentives,
  •  electric power supply, reliability, and cost,
  •  telecommunications infrastructure, matrix
  •  summary of available sites and buildings, market averages for occupancy costs,
  •  median wages for 15-20 occupations,
  •  environmental attainment / non-attainment, and
  •  SAT or ACT scores.

This information is needed for almost all projects and yet in the vast majority of instances we have to do one-on-one data collection from long-listed area economic development groups (often 10).  The process is inefficient for all parties. That is why posting these data at a central site would be so beneficial for the customer.

If more development agencies share useful local market knowledge in a more convenient way, top professionals will use it.  Their time is valuable.  Keep it simple.

We certainly welcome Dennis' helpful comments as a very well-known specialist who has invested a lot of time and effort over many years to improve the quality of information which is shared by EDO's through websites to support business location decisions.

Dennis is a highly respected, independent location consultant with many years of experience in this niche.  He has led training courses about the site selection process for leading professional associations, and is frequently quoted or published in business media, including some articles which can be found for reference in our "Consultant Tips" section.  He is an expert speaker at events about investment trends and business location selection issues, and has a long list of prestigious clients for major investment projects, particularly headquarters and office projects.

Dennis helped to develop the IEDC guidelines for economic development organizations (EDO) to share timely data about their areas in a more consistent and independently verifiable way.

Often referred to as "data standards" by IEDC members, this work has shaped the data content of many EDO websites, as well as services which now consolidate some of the data from many areas or from independently published sources.  This has made it easier for executives and consultants to find some data more easily, although the sources are sometimes not cited (to verify it), and data from different locations can still be difficult to compare.  Some data is more timely or reliable despite inconsistencies.  There has been a lot of progress because Dennis and other consultants worked closely with leading US economic development professionals to define basic data guidelines.  Some information, however, simply isn't easy to find yet.

This website isn't about aggregating data according to the IEDC guidelines.  Other sites try to do that already, so we refer people to them as appropriate.  Instead, our approach is to leave locally developed data on the local EDO websites so that it can be maintained there, and just make it easier to find such data quickly through direct links if it is available.  We also share local market knowledge which isn't readily captured through such statistical data, such as to organize timely executive summary presentations about why an area may be of interest for a particular type of project, or what differentiates the area.  We make this very easy to find quickly through this website's globally consistent framework, navigational links, and Google site search.  Such content also expands the knowledge base to guide our project referral work.

In summary, EDO's would maintain on their own websites the timely and detailed data which Dennis and others need, while we would summarize the key points and make those supporting details very easy to find quickly through direct links to the relevant EDO website pages.


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