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Please contact us for future project support, or to publish GUIDE Project Profiles for quick reference to more details than through this summary.  The function of this directory is to make it easier to know where major projects have been going, and who assisted them.

This directory is organized by industry sector.  See also projects by location as below.

Please inform us of any major new project announcements which should be added to this directory (>50 jobs created).  We welcome major project announcements, but only summarize and publish them selectively through this section.  This is not intended to be a comprehensive directory of all recent project announcements. We can suggest other service providers or resources for more comprehensive project tracking.
The column headings are explained below.  Detailed Project Profiles can be used by areas to highlight recent success stories for quick reference through our search process.

These summary descriptions of announced projects are for the convenience of executives and their advisors as they research potential business locations for future projects.

Major project announcements by industry sector  (selective directories) These directories summarize billions of dollars in recent project announcements by many companies, with links to sources of information about their chosen locations.
Advanced Materials - Ceramics, metals Aerospace Automotive Biotechnology Customer Contact Centers, Call Centers Chemicals
Computers Construction materials Consumer electronics Consumer goods - durable and non Defense Electronics
Energy Financial and professional services Food & Beverage Processing Hospitality, Tourism Logistics Machinery & tools for  manufacturing
Medical device and Healthcare Products Packaging Paper products Pharmaceutical Plastics Publishing, printing and communications
Recreational vehicles Retail Semiconductor Software Telecommunications Textile & Apparel
Project announcements and GUIDE Project Profiles by area (selective directories)
US : Northeast US : Great Lakes East and Midwest Canada Mexico
US : Mid Atlantic US : North Central US : Mountain South America
US : Southeast US : South Central US : West Coast Central America, Caribbean
Europe South Asia Australia, New Zealand Middle East, and Africa
China, Taiwan Southeast Asia Korea Japan
This is a new service : Suggestions and feedback are welcome

The links above are for to summaries of past project announcements.  The table below will selectively highlight recent announcements and GUIDE Project Profiles.  Project announcements are also listed in regional tables by location.

Note that the sections are not alphabetized.  We try to keep related industries closer together when possible, rather than on separate pages.

Follow this link to an explanation of this section at the bottom of this page.

See the GUIDE Project Profile templateThe table below will link to these project summaries as they become available.  They are researched and published here in cooperation with local area representatives and company executives.

This list is organized by industry rather than location, project size, or timing.  Within an industry list, available Project Profiles will be highlighted since those additional background details should be of greater interest to executives and their advisors than basic parameters of project announcements as summarized below.

Company Type of Project Support Provided Alternatives Considered Final Selections Reported Economic Impact Reported Strategic Impact Reported Incentives Project Timing Feedback
Intel Semiconductor assembly & test - first in Vietnam     Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon Hi-Tech Park, Vietnam 1200 jobs

$300 - $605 million

sixth testing facility for Intel in Asia - 2 China,  2 Malaysia, 1 Philippines not specified announced Feb 2006 to start in second half of 2007  
Hyundai Automotive assembly, KIA   Poland Zilina, Slovakia

$854 million, 2400 jobs, plus suppliers est. 7000 European auto plant, to make 200,000 cars   Announced March 2004, from 2006  
Examples Project Support Alternatives Selected Parameters Impact Incentives Timing Feedback
Example, Name, link to website and PR if available New or expanded facility size, location Summary of needs which were met for the project known short list locations, and services considered or used to support project plans locations and final service providers chosen to implement the project Jobs, $, technology transfer, etc. in location Significance to company global strategy, performance, operations As disclosed, and who to contact to discuss directly announced, occupancy, expected expansion, actual expansion Lessons learned, proven solutions etc.
Example - highlight

Link to full project profile if available - see Template

Expand, Relocate office or factory consultants used for site selection or other  support usually not reported in other channels, but can offer useful insight into choices Link to Area Profile or Service if available, or website, and regional table of contacts The reported parameters may not be reliable for industry or regional trend analysis Why did the project happen now?  What is the purpose?  Routine growth, or something really new?  Local or global? Details are seldom published; total reported value may be misleading Note that the same project may get repeated PR / media coverage potential links to testimonials or other feedback


The above table will link to more detailed summaries, with approval by the executives involved, specific cases of projects which have been supported by GDI Solutions or participants in our work, such as economic development organizations or professional service providers who supported the project with or without our help.   See the Project Profile template.  

As the list of projects grows, it will be divided into regions as in other sections of this website so that it is more convenient for quick reference.  Keep in mind that this is a selective list of major recent projects - not a comprehensive list of all projects.  Older projects may be similarly profiled in the Testimonials section.

Project Profiles as well as Testimonials will be linked to GUIDE Area Profiles, when available, and to regional company lists.  They will also be highlighted through the regional tables of contacts, in the column for the GUIDE Experience Report, so that executives and their advisors can see at a glance when major Project Profiles or Testimonials are available for an area.

These listings are intended to be helpful to the executives and active participants or contacts of GDI Solutions who may be unfamiliar with such global direct investment projects (often referred to as foreign direct investment - or FDI - but excluding portfolio investments such as share purchases), and may benefit from knowledge shared openly through this process, including investor feedback about "lessons learned" and "proven solutions" during the planning process in the context of specific investment needs.

Other links of potential interest

The table above, or the related Project Profiles when available, may also link to further information about the service providers involved, as found in the section on "Participants" and as provided through the regional tables of contacts among area representatives and other sources of project support.

The table may link to further details published elsewhere about services provided for such projects, or about the decision process and outcome.  For example, such details may sometimes be found on the company or development agency websites, or through published news accounts or press releases.

There are also services which perform project tracking and research or reporting work, sometimes for internal reference (consultants) rather than open publication.  Typically details are only provided to clients, such as their research subscribers.  There are literally thousands of projects each year.  We do not track them all.

Some of the development magazines include features about major projects, or highlight them as they are announced, or when describing specific areas.

Refer also to the "The Market" section, which will selectively summarize published announcements of major projects whether or not GDI Solutions was involved, just to make it easier to find such publicly available information about projects which are deemed to be of special interest to participants.  The "Biography" section may also identify relevant project experience among participants in our services.

Lies, half-truths, omissions, and statistics about projects

When projects are announced, there are really no standards for how they are reported.  For example, one project may report the estimated capital investment and job creation for the next 2 years, while another may estimate the value of expected future expansions over 5 or even more years.  Some companies may also announce very optimistic plans, without actually entering into any firm commitments to grow as indicated, while other firms are far more cautious.

In either case, after the initial project announcement is made, any subsequent expansion announcements are often promoted as if they were something new, even if the jobs and capital involved were already estimated in the original announcement.  The result is potential double counting of such statistics, which may already be inconsistent data as indicated above.

The same thing can happen with statistics about the facility size.  The initial announcement may report plans for a 200,000 sq ft factory, but perhaps the project starts with 80,000 sq ft now, with expected future expansion within a few years.  Then, when they build out to the expected scale, each such expansion looks like a new investment, which it really is, even though it is essentially being double counted because the original scale of investment was overstated while trying to highlight the full expected impact of the project over many years.  In other words, both announcements are perfectly true, but can be misleading.  In this example, one might wind up thinking that the company has built out to 320,000 sq ft., when it is still just the originally intended 200,000 sq ft.

Even if economic development officials for a region, state, or country genuinely want to present reliable information about their projects, the reality is that each company makes its own decision about what to announce, and it can be very difficult to develop consistent and reliable data from inconsistent sources.

Aggregate statistics about the number of projects "won" by a state or region, which may sometimes include "retention" of existing investors rather than just the actual expansions or new projects, can also be misleading even when accurate.  Since there are no real standards about what is counted, or how the figures are compiled (such as to avoid double counting or inflated estimates), one should generally view such market analyses with great skepticism. 

Meaningful analysis of actual investment trends requires more knowledge than comes by compiling data from inconsistent press releases and media reports of project announcements, particularly because projects may not actually develop as originally estimated.  For example, consider the late 1990's dot-bomb boom, when many reportedly large projects fizzled out or soon disappeared completely.

In this regard, note that areas rarely report their job or investment losses as thoroughly as their expansions or new projects, if they report them at all.  Thus, an area may report 5000 new jobs from investment projects during the year, but neglect to mention that 10,000 other people lost their jobs.  Net investment or job creation is rarely reported publicly, even if it is tracked by an organization for internal reference.  Some areas will only track and report industrial projects or office projects, while other areas will report retail stores, hospitals, government offices, and everything else.  Reliable comparisons are therefore difficult.

We list the information which is readily available about announced projects, or ones we have profiled in more detail.  Since this is a selective list, it is not intended to be the basis for market analysis such as industry or area investment trends.  It is simply intended to be useful background information for executives and their advisors who might not easily find such project details when needed.

Incentives - also not necessarily what they seem to be

When projects are announced, there is often some mention of the estimated total value of any incentives offered to help attract the investment.  These figures are not meaningless, but meaningful comparisons can be quite difficult.

For example, one deal may involve cash grants.  Another may involve tax abatements, whose value is estimated over a number of years, which may not be the same period of time even when comparing similar tax deals.  Tax credits may vary significantly in value according to actual company performance.  The amount reported is rarely the present "time value" of the money involved, so benefits which are in distant years, and may never even materialize as forecast, may be included to inflate the apparent value of the reported package.

In some cases, the reported incentives may include site improvements, such as to add basic infrastructure which would already have been in place elsewhere.  They may also include other investments which don't actually go to the company at all, such as funding for local recruitment and training support programs which the company is expected to use, or even such things as the addition of better road or rail access for which the company won't be the only beneficiary.

Although local area representatives can provide very helpful background about many available incentive programs in their areas, they may not really understand how the local packages compare with other locations, whether or not they are an actual party to the incentive negotiation process (i.e., a direct source of such benefits).  Local economic development representatives may be influential in such negotiations to help "win" a project for their area, but independent professional help is valuable.

Bottom line - this is an area in which it pays to talk to professional location consultants who have direct experience with such negotiations, and can sort out what is reliable and valuable soon from what is dubious or long-term.  In the case of markets such as Europe, it is particularly important to get professional help, because the deal which is negotiated locally in good faith can be reversed by the European Union during the review process - even after the company has made the investment commitments and perhaps even set up operation already in reliance upon what appeared to be a properly negotiated and approved package.

Keep in mind that competitors can also file a complaint about such incentives which, even if the package is upheld as appropriate, can become a costly distraction at a critical time for the development of the project.


Regional directories of economic development organizations and related contacts.  See also : Invest USA directory
US : Northeast US : Great Lakes Canada Mexico
US : Mid Atlantic US : North Central US : Mountain South America
US : Southeast US : South Central US : West Coast Central America, Caribbean
Europe South Asia Australia, New Zealand Middle East, and Africa
China, Taiwan Southeast Asia Korea Japan
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