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Directory of US State Governors

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New -  - share conservative approaches to state and local development issues. Search Republican governors websites at
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Dec 9, 2008 Governor Rod Blagojevich (D) of Illinois is facing federal corruption charges.  The outcome is not yet certain, but impeachment is in progress and he may be gone soon.  Editorial Gov. Bill Richardson (D) of New Mexico had been nominated to be the new Secretary of Commerce in the Obama administration, but later withdrew because of unresolved corruption allegations.
Gov. Janet Napolitano (D) of Arizona left to join the Obama administration and has now been replaced by Secretary of State Jan Brewer (R). The directory below will be updated after such changes become final.  If any information or links below are obsolete, please bring them to our attention for correction.  Contact Bruce Donnelly.
The directory below of US governors and state government websites has been provided for convenient reference by executives and advisors who are planning business expansion projects, relocation, or new facilities such as factories, warehouses, distribution centers and offices or R&D operations anywhere in the United States.  Contact us for assistance with such corporate growth project plans.

This directory is intended to be particularly helpful to foreign investors who may be planning foreign direct investment (FDI) projects for business expansion and growth into the North American market.  Economic development and investment promotion in the USA is generally led at the state rather than national level, unlike most other countries.   more on foreign investment into the USA>

Governors and other state or local officials therefore often play an active role in competitive business recruitment efforts for major investment projects.  There is usually an economic development office associated with the state department of commerce, but in some cases it is actually tied directly to the office of the governor.

The business recruitment efforts of some states rely heavily on public-private partnerships or regional and local non-profit organizations.  Our Search: Americas tools make it easy to research the information which state and local economic development organizations share about doing business in their areas.

See which governors were up for election in 2008 or will be in 2009 and 2010.  A change of party often affects state economic development programs and their initiatives to attract business.

Information about the Republican and Democratic state political parties can be found through their national committee websites, which maintain links to state and local party offices.

State congressmen in the US House of Representatives and members of the US Senate tend to have less involvement in business recruitment unless the investment project pertains directly to federal spending (such as defense contractors, aerospace, homeland security, transportation or telecommunications infrastructure, federal research programs, etc.).

The election campaign websites of governors and opposition candidates will often address their attitudes toward business and economic development and tax or incentives policy issues as common political topics of public interest, especially during periods of high unemployment or local economic challenges, as in the case of major business closures and layoffs.

The National Governors Association ( ) publishes short biographic profiles of all governors, and also provides useful background information about the issues they share. A convenient list of state and local Republican and Democratic party offices and websites can also be found through

Republican governors elected in 2004 :

Connecticut  Indiana  Missouri  Utah

Democratic governors elected in 2004 :

Louisiana  Montana   New Hampshire   Washington   West Virginia

Republican governors facing elections in 2005 :  none

Democratic governors elected in 2005 :   New Jersey   Virginia

Jon Corzine won in New Jersey, Tim Kaine won in Virginia - both Democrats

Republican governors facing elections in 2006 :

Alabama  Alaska  Arkansas  California  Colorado  Connecticut  Florida  Georgia  Hawaii  Idaho Kentucky  Maryland  Massachusetts  Minnesota  Nebraska  Nevada  New York  Ohio  Rhode Island  South Carolina  South Dakota  Texas

Democratic governors facing elections in 2006 :

Arizona  Illinois  Iowa  Kansas  Maine  Michigan  New Mexico  Oklahoma  Oregon  Pennsylvania  Tennessee  Wisconsin  Wyoming  Virgin Islands

States changed from Republican to Democratic in 2006:

Arkansas, Colorado, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio

States changed from Democratic to Republican in 2006:


Republican governors with elections in 2007 :   Mississippi Democratic governors with elections in 2007 :   Louisiana
States changed from Republican to Democratic in 2007:


States changed from Democratic to Republican in 2007:


Republican governors with elections in 2008 :

Indiana  Missouri  North Dakota   Utah  Vermont

Democratic governors with elections in 2008 :

Delaware  Montana  New Hampshire  North Carolina   Washington   West Virginia

States changed from Republican to Democratic in 2008:

Missouri was the only change - the other 4 (Indiana, North Dakota, Utah, Vermont) remained Republican

States changed from Democratic to Republican in 2008:

none - Delaware and North Carolina changed governor due to term limits, but remained Democratic.  The others were unchanged.

Republican governors with elections in 2009 :


As in 2006, far more states will have governor elections in 2010 - and many will be involved in the Congressional redistricting process of their states after the 2010 Census is completed.

Democratic governors with elections in 2009 :

New Jersey  Virginia 

State (and contacts for economic development) Governor Term of office Political party affiliation State governor and government website
Northeast US Region Italic=2007 or 2008 change   Italic=2007 or 2008 change see also Incentives info
Connecticut M. Jodi Rell January 2011 Republican

Maine John Baldacci January 2011 Democratic

Massachusetts Deval Patrick January 2011 Democratic
New Hampshire John Lynch

re-elected Nov 2008

January 2009 Democratic

New York David Paterson January 2011 Democratic

Rhode Island Don Carcieri January 2011 Republican 

Vermont James (Jim) Douglas

re-elected Nov 2008

January 2009 Republican

Mid Atlantic US Region        
Delaware Ruth Ann Minner

Lee Markell elected Nov 2008

January 2009 Democratic

Maryland Martin O'Malley January 2011 Democratic

New Jersey

Jon Corzine

January 2010 Democratic

North Carolina Michael F. Easley

Beverly Perdue elected Nov 2008

January 2009 Democratic

Pennsylvania Edward G. Rendell January 2011 Democratic


Tim Kaine

January 2010 Democratic

West Virginia Joe Manchin III

re-elected Nov 2008

January 2009 Democratic

Southeast US Region        
Alabama Bob Riley January 2011 Republican

Florida Charlie Crist January 2011 Republican
Georgia Sonny Perdue January 2011 Republican 
Mississippi Haley Barbour January 2012 Republican
South Carolina Mark Sanford January 2011 Republican
Tennessee Phil Bredesen January 2011 Democratic
Puerto Rico Luis Fortuño January 2009 Republican

Virgin Islands John DeJongh, Jr. January 2011 Democratic
Great Lakes US Region        
Illinois Pat Quinn January 2011 Democratic
Indiana Mitch Daniels

re-elected Nov 2008

January 2009 Republican
Kentucky Steve Beshear December 2011 Democratic
Michigan Jennifer Granholm January 2011 Democratic
Minnesota Tim Pawlenty January 2011 Republican
Ohio Ted Strickland January 2011 Democratic
Wisconsin Jim Doyle January 2011 Democratic

North Central US Region        
Iowa Chet Culver January 2011 Democratic
Kansas Kathleen Sebelius January 2011 Democratic

Jay Nixon

January 2009

Nebraska Dave Heineman January 2011 Republican 
North Dakota John Hoeven

re-elected Nov 2008

December 2008 Republican
South Dakota Michael Rounds January 2011 Republican
South Central US Region        
Arkansas Mike Beebe January 2011 Democratic
Louisiana Bobby Jindal January 2012 Republican
Oklahoma Brad Henry January 2011 Democratic

Texas Rick Perry January 2011 Republican
Mountain US Region        
Arizona Jan Brewer January 2011 Republican

Colorado Bill Ritter January 2011 Democratic
Idaho C.L. "Butch" Otter January 2011 Republican

Montana Brian Schweitzer

re-elected Nov 2008

January 2009 Democratic
New Mexico Bill Richardson January 2011 Democratic

Utah Jon Huntsman, Jr.

re-elected Nov 2008

January 2009 Republican

Wyoming David Freudenthal January 2011 Democratic
West Coast US Region        
Alaska Sarah Palin December 2010 Republican
California Arnold Schwarzenegger January 2011 Republican

Hawaii Linda Lingle December 2010 Republican
Nevada Jim Gibbons January 2011 Republican
Oregon Ted Kulongoski January 2011 Democratic

Washington Christine Gregoire

re-elected Nov 2008

January 2009 Democratic

American Samoa Togiola T.A. Tulafono January 2009 Democratic
Northern Mariana Islands Benigno Fitial January 2010 Covenant Governor's website
Guam Felix Perez Camacho January 2011 Republican
May 10, 2007 The White House has issued a new "Open Economies" policy statement and press release which includes the new Invest in America initiative at the US Dept of Commerce International Trade Administration (ITA).

In the past, Commerce Department officials in the International Trade Administration, including Foreign Commercial Service officers and staff at US embassies, have been tasked primarily with US export promotion and trade policy tasks.  Now they will also focus on the attraction of foreign direct investment to the USA.

White House press release and policy statement about Open Economies

See also further background at

March 7, 2007 - A new "Invest in America" initiative has been announced by the US Department of Commerce.

This is a major change in US policy.  Other countries proactively seek to attract and retain foreign direct investment projects.

The US has left that almost entirely up to US states and local areas until now as a very fragmented approach with limited resources.

It will take time for this new policy to have a significant impact, but it seems to be a major change in policy which may attract both bi-partisan support and criticism.

Regional directories of economic development organizations and contacts, websites.  See also : Invest USA and USA Search - Area Search - CRE Search
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State directories of US regional, county, city, and utility economic development organizations and chambers of commerce which promote new business investment


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