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Invest in Europe Directory : European Investment Promotion Agencies (IPA's)

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The Invest In Europe directory below of European Investment Promotion Agencies (IPA's) divides our large regional directory of European economic development and professional contacts into country directories, for which links are provided below.

This is not limited to the European Union (EU) member countries.  Refer also to our directory of 2004 European Union enlargement countries.

Refer also to the new tools such as Search: Europe at  or the European directory of professional service providers for capital investment projects. 

These directories will expand as we perform research and develop more contacts and working relationships to include more local economic development organizations, while the European contacts directory will be more limited to regional development agencies.

Contact us for project assistance in confidence.  We are independent professional advisors - not a government or non-profit economic development or investment promotion agency.

We provide personal introductory referrals to our contacts and custom "short list" research or project planning assistance according to the investment project interests of the corporate executives and business advisors we serve.  We help executives and business advisors to research potential business locations which should be "on the short list" (or the initial "long list") for a project, and offer relevant introductory referrals to professional service providers.

We welcome suggestions for additions or directory updates.  Please report broken links.

We can also help promote an area or service to our 500,000+ visitors per year , and perform custom marketing work to proactively reach relevant executives and advisors personally.

The global cross-border nature of our work is unique in this market.    For example, a similar Invest in the USA directory is available, as well as our global or regional directories.

Use the regional links below of area representatives for investment promotion agency - IPA - services (economic development organizations - EDO) and other professional contacts or resources for planning direct investment projects in Europe.  "Europe" for the purposes of this directory does not refer to European Union membership status.


The national links, when available below, are for separate and generally more comprehensive economic development directories of investment promotion agencies by country.

United Kingdom & Rep. of Ireland Benelux Region & France Northern Europe Russia and Eastern Europe
Western Central Europe Eastern Central Europe Southern Europe Southeastern Europe
A special directory was set up on May 1, 2004 for the EU enlargement countries for convenient reference by executives and their professional advisors.  
Contact information for relationship leaders at Global Direct Investment Solutions (GDI Solutions)

 Please contact us for project assistanceAs this business grows, relationship leaders in Europe will develop and maintain working relationships among more economic development organizations, professional service providers, and corporate executives who are responsible for major projects.

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Bruce Donnelly, President

Global Direct Investment Solutions

PO Box 439, Fox River Grove IL 60021 847-304-4655 (Chicago suburbs)

FAX 847-304-5375

Phil Eadon

Partners4Technology International

InterTech Global Alliance Ltd.

Delta Promotions & Marketing Ltd.

Washington, England, United Kingdom (UK)


located in Northern England near the cities of Durham, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Sunderland

EU mobile :

from UK dial as (078) 3473 0929

from US dial as (011)+44-783-473-0929


Office :

from UK dial as (0)191-415-7340

from US dial as (011)+44-191-415-7340

country code is 44, Durham is 191

Location Consultants : specialists in European business location strategy, site selection, and incentives negotiations for foreign direct investment (FDI) projects in Europe

If you contact the consultants in Europe listed here, please let them know how you found them.

Please also let us know whether this directory and their capabilities were helpful to you.

We specialize in personal, independent introductions to relevant professional service providers such as business location strategy consultants and our many economic development contacts according to the project interests of the executives we serve.

Buck Consultants International

Service Profile

René Buck - in the Netherlands

Biographic Profile   e-mail TEL   (+011)31 24 379 0222
Business Location International

Marcel de Meirleir - in Brussels

Biographic Profile   e-mail TEL   (+011)32 476 42 9358
IBM Business Consulting Services - Plant Location International (IBM-PLI)

Roel Spee - in Brussels

Biographic Profile  e-mail TEL   (+011)32 2 416 5944
Deloitte - Global Deployment and Location Services - Global Expansion Optimization

Elias Van Herwaarden - in Brussels

Biographic Profile  e-mail TEL   (+011)32 2 639-4943

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