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How to Participate - For Professional Service Providers

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Just contact us as above to discuss how we can help to promote your services.

  •  Refer also to The Professional Site Selection Tour and Meeting Point at as new services for 2006

This section explains how to participate in

  •  our relationship development and referral work to seek and introduce new clients among major investors (which we call "SICR") and
  •  our knowledge-sharing work to make useful information available about your capabilities ("GUIDE" Service Profile) as an independent service.

We can make it much faster and easier for executives to learn what you have to offer at the right stages of major project planning.

In short, we're building a marketplace capable of promoting and selling what you can do for clients.  We would like to have more service "supplier" relationships to share better knowledge of leading services.  This enables us to make valuable referrals as we independently "go to market" to develop personal relationships among top executives. 

The focus of our work is the development of personal working relationships, not website-based services.  The website just demonstrates our ability to help executives by sharing useful market knowledge from their perspective.

Highlights : GUIDE Service Profiles

Our GUIDE services can share timely knowledge about the capabilities you offer to top corporate executives and area representatives. 

Our work creates a new and independent distribution channel for very economical "point of sale" promotion to executives of a wide range of professional services related to direct investment projects. 

Refer to:

Call us.  If appropriate, we'll send you a SICR proposal, including details about the cost of active participation, which we believe you will find to be very reasonable, such as a "success fee" based on actual sales attributed to participation in our services.

We are not publishers compiling reference directories of every available service, nor are we selling advertising on this website, nor is this an association which is open to almost anyone who is willing to pay the necessary fee to join and attend their events.

Our goal is to selectively identify very well-qualified professional services in this niche, and develop working relationships which can add high value for the corporate executives who we serve.  We want to become and remain sufficiently familiar with the leading service providers in this niche so that we can make valuable introductions quickly.

Participation doesn't "buy" referrals.  It rewards success from the perspective of both the corporate executive and the professional service provider who was introduced.  It makes it easier for us to know what you have to offer to executives so that we can make faster and better introductions worldwide.

As in the case of area representatives, it is not necessary to have a contractual relationship as an active participant in the services of GDI Solutions to receive referrals, which are driven by the needs and preferences of corporate executives rather than contracts with GDI Solutions. 

We suggest introductions as a very independent and non-exclusive professional service for executives, so we will not agree to limit our suggestions exclusively to participating organizations.  We just know our participants much better, and thus have more confidence in making such referrals.

If an executive is trying to find a particular type of service for a project, we will try to help them, regardless of whether we have contracts with any specialists in that niche.

If they want to compare services, we will try to help them to do so professionally, so that it is easier to compare "apples with apples" and make a good choice quickly.

Our objective is to help the executive find the best match we can identify for their needs, so we seek to enter into contracts with the best services we can identify, and stay well-informed about their respective capabilities so that we will recognize situations in which an introduction may be valuable, and can introduce the capabilities effectively to executives who may be unfamiliar with the potential benefits of specialized services.

We're not "pushing" any service on an exclusive basis

We do not enter into agreements to "push" the services of one company.  Instead, we work together to better understand when the unique capabilities of a particular service provider may apply to the needs of an executive. 

A closer relationship makes it easier for us to recognize opportunities and suggest valuable introductions to the right executive at the right stage of investment planning.

We can therefore work with multiple service providers in a specialty, including direct competitors, in much the same way as you probably do, or as retailers or wholesalers offer competing products to their customers.  Retailers know what else is available in the market, but do not directly control what or where the consumer chooses to buy.

To continue the retail analogy, we're looking to offer the leading service products in the market "on our shelf" so that executives will value our services and continue to turn to us for valuable introductions and knowledge to support major investment projects anywhere in the world.

They are typically investing millions, or tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars in their projects.

There is high value for everyone involved in the process of helping them to prepare faster and better for the changes which will implement their strategies through major direct investment projects, whether they are setting up new operations, expanding, relocating, or consolidating.

Since executives plan major projects infrequently during the normal course of their careers, they may not always have the network of contacts and working relationships necessary to quickly find good solutions.

Our role isn't to be another service provider in this market, such as yet another consultant.  Our role is to introduce the best services we can identify for their needs. 

Since the executives may not know where to find good help for infrequent project needs, we are making it easier by building this "store" for them and bringing investment services and investment alternatives together in one place along with an independent process to offer introductions through personal networking and advance research work.

If they already have good working relationships for some of the services they need, we're not here to push others at them.  We want to help them find what they are seeking.  The choice about which services to use remains theirs, just as the choice about where to invest remains theirs.

Our role is to make it easy to connect with good solutions.

Location consultants can also benefit as explained below by participating in some GUIDE services, but SICR (as explained at left) is the main focus of our work among service providers.  SICR is the process to take knowledge of your capabilities to market among executives, which is probably your main interest.

For location consultants, there are two other options :

  1. Provide the GUIDE Area Report or Experience Report services to area representatives, if such work is appropriate to your professional specialty, and thereby improve the quality and independence of such services.  In short, earn a little money by doing this professional work, in addition to whatever client referrals the SICR process may develop for your other services.

We will be selective about which service providers are authorized to perform the GUIDE services because we want to ensure the quality and consistency of such work, which is fundamental to the value of the GUIDE services and our referral work for investors.

It is possible for multiple service providers to perform such work, either as direct competitors or for different aspects of the work, but common standards need to be maintained.  Those standards will be established by GDI Solutions in consultation with both the executives who use such information and the participating professionals who prepare or review such reports.

For example, a PR firm might have a major role in the drafting and design of an effective GUIDE Area Report according to standards for the content, while a location consultant might also participate to perform the professional standards review and opinion about the content in a manner analogous to the audit of a financial report.

As another example, a location consultant might perform the necessary independent research among investors to prepare a GUIDE Experience Report according to consistent standards so that such reports would be comparable across multiple locations.

If this is appropriate to your specialty, please call us to discuss a proposal about how to work together to perform GUIDE services.

  1. Become clients for some of the GUIDE services, such as the Service Profile to describe capabilities in more detail, so that we will have such presentations readily available for reference by investors.  In short, invest a little money to participate.

Examples of a GUIDE Service Profile have been provided for some of the leading Location Consultants, with related Biographic Profiles for the primary contacts.  The same basic template would apply to Profiles of other types of services.  As with Area Profiles, however, the key to the service is not simply the web page, but rather the working relationship to become familiar with relevant capabilities and keep such knowledge timely through periodic contact.

GUIDE Service Reports would be prepared by you about your services according to consistent standards for structure and content.  They could be maintained on your own website, preferably with reciprocal links available, rather than published here.  That should make it easier to keep the information timely, and keep the cost down.

Typically, the Reports would be readily available as a non-confidential introduction to your services, analogous to a standardized statement of qualifications, promotional brochure, annual report, or website content, but should follow some basic structure and content standards for ease of reference by executives.

It is obviously not necessary to do this, but we believe corporate executives will value such standardized presentations about the scope of capabilities, benefits, and client experiences.  This should make it easier to quickly and effectively introduce the potential value of otherwise unfamiliar services.

For example, an executive may wish to see such information before an introductory meeting is arranged, and the standard presentation can also make an introductory meeting more productive by resolving basic questions about capabilities in advance, or by identification of specific questions about such capabilities or service benefits prior to the meeting.  In other words, it helps to pre-qualify the introduction and get down to any specific service proposal details quickly.

Just as area representatives need not have GUIDE reports prepared about their locations if they decide this doesn't merit the necessary investment, the same is true of the GUIDE Reports for service providers, which are intended to become a sort of "best practice" presentation of professional service capabilities and references.

It is a judgment call on your part whether or not this adds sufficient value to your promotional efforts, which are not limited to the use of such reports by GDI Solutions or their availability for reference via this website.  We think they will be valuable, but as in the case of participation in SICR, we're not going to make introductions on the basis of whether or not a service is providing GUIDE Reports.  We just think they will reinforce appropriate introductions to executives.

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