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GUIDE Service Profile : Specialists in US Federal and State R&D Tax Credits and Incentives

Executive Summary : Reduce US corporate taxes Contact information :

Obtain large federal R&D tax credits and other incentives

Many executives may not yet realize the very large cost savings which can be achieved today through R&D tax credits.  The eligibility criteria have changed so that more types of costs qualify, and these tax savings can be retroactive and carry forward.

The specialists at alliantgroup do the work to identify and obtain the potential savings on a success fee basis ( contingent fee tied to actual savings achieved ).  Thus, if there are no tax credits, there are no fees to pay.

A quick discussion about recent business activities can qualify the potential scope for savings, and this work delivers bottom line results within months.  Note that this does not conflict with existing relationships with public accounting firms, such as for audit and tax "attest" services for financial reports.  This is specialist work to grow the bottom line.

For example, costs associated with the expansion or development of new facilities or manufacturing process improvements (Six Sigma, lean manufacturing, etc.) can now qualify.  There are important details to take full advantage of the potential savings, such as to properly apportion and document the value of management time or other costs associated with such investments in business process management and improvement.

The narrow old definition of "R&D" for tax credit purposes no longer applies, as the recent changes were deliberately designed to reduce the old eligibility hurdles and reward manufacturers and other types of companies for investing in becoming more competitive, as opposed to just investing in research for new product development or improvements.

Examples : Government R&D Incentive Studies

  • Over $500 million in R&D tax credits for clients
  • Services to over 1000 private and public companies

Industry: Paint Manufacturing Co.
Revenue: $20,000,000
R&D Tax Credits Realized: $600,000

Industry: Offshore Marine Construction Co.
Revenue: $250,000,000
R&D Tax Credits Realized: $3,400,000

Industry: Software Development Co.
Revenue: $7,000,000
R&D Tax Credits Realized: $800,000

Industry: Injection Molding Co.
Revenue: $100,000,000
R&D Tax Credits Realized: $5,500,000

Industry: Job Shop / Manufacturing Co.
Revenue: $15,000,000
R&D Tax Credits Realized: $400,000

Independent from audit and tax attest services, and complementary

Unlike tax specialists who perform audit and "attest" services for financial reporting and corporate tax compliance purposes, their independent advisory services to identify and obtain tax cost savings do not create a conflict of interest.  This is important in the context of Sarbanes-Oxley independence constraints on consulting services by auditors.

In fact, they have performed hundreds of R&D tax credit studies, and often perform these as specialists in cooperation with the public accounting and tax compliance services already engaged by the company, because their independent work to achieve potential tax savings to improve corporate profits complements the financial audit and attestation services which confirm the reported performance of the company during that period.

In other words, alliantgroup doesn't compete to perform such public accounting audit and tax compliance services.  They achieve bottom-line cost savings through expert tax advisory services to reduce the tax burden, including not only their work on R&D credits but also international tax strategies and other potential savings, as summarized below.

David C. Mayer

Managing Director

alliantgroup, LP

245 Park Avenue, 39th Floor

New York, NY 10167


TEL      646-228-8895

FAX      646-304-6244

e-mail :


Biographic profile : David Mayer


How to benefit from this service :


The first step, if there seems to be likely savings potential after an initial conversation or introductory meeting, is to do the free preliminary analysis work.  This is a non-intrusive feasibility study to estimate the potential tax reduction more reliably.  This would then be followed by the work to develop and obtain those tax savings as soon as possible.

Website :  

Highlights of their website :

  •  Is your business eligible for R&D tax credits?
  •  Brochure about R&D tax credits (download PDF - 1.6 MB)
  •  Brochure about sales and use tax services (PDF - 1.7 MB))
  •  Management team - professional experience, for all offices
    • The management team consists of tax professionals with many years of experience at Big Four firms such as Deloitte & Touche, Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG Peat Marwick and Arthur Andersen.
    • The team also has merger and acquisition ( M&A ) and legal expertise as well as their specialization in tax minimization.
    • They have experience as CPA's, corporate tax directors, and former government auditors.
    • Their specialists include industrial engineers, software engineers, mechanical engineers, chemical engineers, and electrical engineers

  •  Work approach - the three phases of work to obtain R&D tax credits

Management Team :

  •  Contact David Mayer as above to discuss any alliantgroup services
  •  Office locations
    • Houston TX (HQ)    713-877-9600

      • Sr. Managing Director - Jim M. Jacobsen

      • Sr. Managing Director - Dhaval R. Jadav

      • Regional Managing Director - Kevin Corley

      • Managing Director - Gregory O. Bratcher

      • Managing Director - Brendan Fielding

      • Managing Director - Shane T. Frank

    • San Francisco       415-602-4832

      • Regional Managing Director - Brian Pluckhan

    • San Diego             760-479-2521

      • Regional Managing Director - Greg Elias

      • Greg also has the same role for the Chicago office

    • Los Angeles          310-695-7170

      • Regional Managing Director - Randy Eickhoff

      • Managing Director - Al Sanifar

      • Managing Director - Neil Gabby

    • Miami                   303-718-3323

      • Managing Director - Jeff Blinn

      • Managing Director - Jonathan Glasser

    • Chicago                760-473-2456 

      • Regional Managing Director - Greg Elias

      • Greg also has the same role for the San Diego office

Scope of Services

Their main focus at this time is on helping companies to take full advantage of the major cost savings opportunities available through the new research and development - R&D - tax credits.  These cost savings include retroactive credits which can improve the bottom line within months, as well as planning for prospective or future tax savings.

Activities by companies in one or more of the following areas during the past four years may qualify for research and development tax credits retroactively under the new rules:

  • Develop new, improved, or more reliable products or formulas
  • Add new equipment
  • Improve or build new manufacturing facilities
  • Perform environmental testing
  • Automate internal processes
  • Attempt the use of new materials
  • Develop new or improve existing production / manufacturing processes
    • Lean manufacturing, ISO standards, Six Sigma, etc.
  • Perform certification testing
  • Develop, implement, and upgrade systems or software
  • Perform technology enhancements or develop new technology
  • Develop or apply for patents
  • Pay outside consultants or contractors to do any of the above activities

Potential impact on capital investment projects

Companies which are investing in new factories, distribution centers, R&D centers, or other new or expanded US operations typically negotiate various types of project incentives with state and local officials.  Some examples of this are shown at right.

They may not even recognize the potentially large savings which the federal R&D tax credits can offer for changes which they are likely to be making at the time of such investments in the growth of their business, such as the improvement of their production, distribution, or other business processes.  Typically, prior to making major new capital investments to support their growth strategy, companies may have invested in recent improvements to their operations which might now qualify for retroactive tax credits.

These credits can also be very relevant to business retention and expansion at existing locations.  Economic development professionals may typically have no knowledge, or only very limited awareness, of how these potential tax savings can impact the bottom line.

The alliantgroup also provides a variety of other tax advisory and cost reduction services

  •  State and local tax credits and incentives, such as those related to capital investment projects, job creation, worker training and other programs.  This includes retroactive credit reviews for savings which may have been missed, as well as research and advice about the potential value and how to take advantage of available incentives.  Such programs change constantly as areas compete for new business investment projects, business retention, and local business growth.
  •  Transfer pricing strategies and work to identify potential risk areas by analyzing the client's inter-company transfer pricing.  Assists with IRS audits and disputes.
  •  Sales and use tax review services (download brochure, PDF - 1.7 MB))

Scope of services - continued

  •  Job Training & Employment Programs
    Employers may receive direct cash reimbursement for education and training expenses of eligible employees through a federally-sponsored training system. This system, "America's Job Network" established under the Workforce Investment Act passed by Congress in 1998, includes programs formerly identified under the Job Training Partnership Act - JTPA. "America's Jobs Network" will continue to assist with services such as classroom training, on-the-job training and basic skills training for economically disadvantaged adults and youths, dislocated workers, and others who face significant employment barriers, while streamlining the training process and making it better formatted to suit the local businesses' needs.
  •  Employment-Based State Tax Credits
    Every state offers some form of Economic Stimulus via tax credits, savings, or reduction in tax liabilities to assist businesses located within their state. These programs include: Enterprise Zones, Job Retention and Creation Tax Credit Programs, Training Credits, Investment, Expansion, Improvement, and Real and Personal Property Exemptions. Some states also offer incentives for child care facilities, research credits, and environmental expenditures. In addition, the local municipality or county may provide additional incentives.

    These savings are based on a state-by-state analysis. alliantgroup's professionals assist in procuring these government sponsored incentives for a company:
    Enterprise Zones
    Hiring / Job Creation Credits
    Investment Tax Credit Programs
    Property Tax Abatement
    Freeport Exemption
    Community Development Block Grants
  •  Employment-Based Federal Tax Credits
    Does your company utilize federal employment tax credits and incentives? If not, alliantgroup can introduce you to this often overlooked tax savings opportunity. The federal tax credits apply to new hires, and savings are based on compensation, hours worked, and the qualifying credit(s).  alliantgroup can help realize a potential tax credit (dollar-for-dollar tax savings) of up to $2,400 for Work Opportunity Tax Credits, up to $8,500 for Welfare-To-Work Tax Credits, and up to $3,000 for Empowerment Zone Tax Credits per eligible employee.

    Federal employment tax credits are a way of getting paid to hire new employees. Every new hire may be eligible for a tax credit. Federal employment tax credits are dollar-for-dollar tax savings for a company which hires employees who qualify for the following programs:
    Disabled Americans / Access Tax Credits
    Empowerment Zone / Renewal Community Tax Credit
    Native American Tax Credits
    Welfare-to-Work Tax Credit
    Work Opportunity Tax Credit
Specialties : Types of projects

Their main focus is independent work to obtain R&D tax credit savings, particularly for small and mid-sized enterprises ( SME's) such as middle-market manufacturing companies which may not yet be taking full advantage of the potential.  Since R&D credits may not have been relevant to these companies in the past under the old tax rules, their auditors may not even recognize this new potential to significantly reduce their costs.

Although they focus on small and mid-sized companies, this work can be just as relevant to very large companies.  Since they do not compete with the external audit and tax services of public accounting firms, this specialized work to achieve tax savings for clients is complementary rather than a conflict with these other service providers.  Public accounting firms have directly referred their audit clients to alliantgroup for such work.

Work approach

Their work on R&D tax credits starts with a quick discussion about whether the company has already taken full advantage of the potential savings. 

Typically there will be some uncertainty about this, including opportunities which may have been overlooked even if the company already obtained some R&D tax credits, so Phase I is a preliminary analysis to invest some time at the company to identify the potential scope for tax savings.  This free assessment and feasibility work defines the expected savings and work plan as a non-intrusive turnkey R&D study.

This free analysis leads to the more intensive cost analysis work to identify, document, and obtain the actual tax savings during Phase II and III.

See their website or R&D tax credits brochure (download PDF - 1.6 MB) for details.

Illustrative client list

Contact them directly to discuss this, as names are not published on their website.

  • They have performed hundreds of R&D tax credit studies for clients, generating over $500 million in R&D tax credits for clients.
  • They have filed over 3500 claims for refunds.
  • They have served more than 1,000 private and public companies.
Illustrative project summaries and benefits to clients

Information beyond the above examples is not available at this time.  Contact directly.

The benefits of the R&D tax credit work and related services include :

  • u Millions of dollars of tax credits, resulting in cash back from the IRS;

  • u Permanent tax savings and financial statement benefits;

  • u Creating a vehicle to realize additional tax savings in future years;

  • u Increasing the market value, earnings power and cash flows of their Company

  • u Reducing the overall effective tax rate.

Alliances with other firms - none identified at this time


Feedback from participants or clients - not available at this time

We may selectively share feedback from executives with direct experience working with a service provider.  We do not propose to publish all such feedback, but may quote such feedback when authorized to do so by the executive involved, and when the comments seem appropriately reliable and relevant to the interests of other executives.

We welcome feedback from executives who have worked with alliantgroup.

Relationship Disclosure

The working relationship at this time has included extensive discussion of their services and the experience of their management team in this niche.  For details about their services, please contact them directly, and please let them know how you found them !

Referrals are made on the same basis as other professional services, namely, as a non-exclusive and independent relationship.  We get to know their capabilities better so that we are well-prepared to recognize relevant opportunities and introduce them to executives who might be unaware of their services and the potential value of their professional capabilities.  We specialize in making well-qualified, independent referrals of this nature.

Any services are agreed directly between the service provider and such executives, without GDI Solutions becoming a party to any resulting services or transactions.  We may earn a referral fee for helping executives to take advantage of their capabilities to reduce costs, but this does not raise the cost of their services to such clients because referrals actually reduce the normally high marketing costs to develop new client relationships.

Relationship leader at GDI Solutions for potential alliantgroup clients :

  •  Bruce Donnelly

    Please advise regarding any necessary corrections to this Service Profile. 


    The relationship leader is responsible for maintaining sufficiently frequent contact and knowledge at GDI Solutions about participating services.  The leader keeps published GUIDE Service Profiles timely and consistent throughout the year, and serves as an initial point of contact for any executives who may choose not to contact the service provider directly at first about their interests, such as at a very exploratory or confidential stage of project planning or information gathering.

This Service Profile remains under development.  Please refer to their contact information and website links above, and tell them how you found them!

Standard legal disclaimer : about professional service provider participants, contacts, and information

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