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BNSF : The Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company

Contact :   TEL   847-304-4655

Bruce Donnelly    (Biography)

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GUIDE Service Profile : Railways, Logistics Services, Industrial Development

BNSF - The Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company


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Executive Summary

This is not yet a completed GUIDE Service Profile

Contact information :

This summary of the BNSF services for economic development would be prepared through direct consultation.  It follows a standard outline to make it easier to find similar information in Service Profiles for service providers anywhere in the world.

The information in a Profile is for convenient reference by executives and their professional advisors.  We will update this presentation as more knowledge becomes available through a closer working relationship.  The initial Profile can be prepared within days, and then refined or updated quickly at any time. 

The purpose is to help executives and their advisors to quickly identify why contact with the service may be of interest, and to help them find various types of basic information quickly in a consistent way.  Once this high-level overview guides them to the relevant information to arouse interest, they can readily pursue their interests through direct contact.

Note that there are many relevant places in the website which can link to the Profile, thus making it easier for investors to find this information quickly in many ways.  For example, BNSF contacts can be listed in the various states it serves, or major rail-served sites can be highlighted, and recent projects can be highlighted.  There are already links from the directories of railroads and logistics service providers.

The content would be very similar to examples for location consultants.  This section would just cover the highlights, with more details readily available through links on this or other websites, or elaborated in the subtopic sections below.

Identify the main services BNSF offers for potential corporate investment projects

Scope of services offered - highlights, what differentiates the service?  What might attract the interest of investors?

Recent developments include ... link to highlights of recent investments supported by the service provider (if public knowledge)

Examples of significant industry specialization, such as agricultural products

Degree of collaboration within the company among multiple specialties which may be involved in project support - unified team effort, "one stop shop", or fragmented?

We can also provide links to and from GUIDE Surveys and Area Profiles of communities which offer BNSF rail-served sites.  This can highlight such areas, and vice versa.

Vann Cunningham                              

Assistant Vice President, Economic Development

The Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company

2650 Lou Menk Drive, 2nd Floor

Fort Worth, TX 76131


TEL      (817)867-6336

FAX      (817)352-0376

e-mail : Vann Cunningham

optional photo

optional : Biography link

like a speaker bio, this facilitates introductions and can highlight personal experience

Website : 

Highlights of their website :

  •  Available sites and buildings which BNSF can serve, or already serves
  •  System map showing BNSF routes and intermodal services
  •  Map of services into Mexico

may also include links to content from other GUIDE services (highlighting useful promotional materials, real estate listings, project announcements and detailed Project Profiles, testimonials, awards, etc.)

Alternate contacts : see further contacts and address details on their website


Mike Devine, BNSF System Director                  (817)867-6467

Patrick Thompson, BNSF System Director         (817)867-6547

  •  TN, FL, MS, AL, LA, AR

    • Douglas Watts, Forth Worth         (817)867-6826

  •  IL, IA, KY, MN, WI

    • James Dinkle, Chicago                (312)850-5699

  •  KS, MO, NE, OK

    • Steve Dodd, Kansas City             (913)551-4168

  •  TX

    • James O'Donley, Forth Worth       (817)867-6137

  •  AZ, CO, NM, UT, WY

    • Mark Alexander, Denver               (303)-480-6217

  •  ID, MT, ND, OR, SD, WA, BC

    • John Karl, Seattle                       (206)625-6171

  •  Northern and Central CA, NV

    • Kevin Palmer, San Bernardino      (909)386-4020

  •  Southern CA

    • Mark Milakovich, San Bernardino  (909)386-4047

  •  Agricultural Products

    • Mike Keller, Minneapolis              (763)782-3473

Roger Hsieh, Economic Development                (817)867-6006

Richard Nevins, Economic Development            (817)867-6526

John Rider, Economic Development                  (817)867-6246


Note : these alternate contacts can be added to the relevant regional contact tables so that they can be found easily by anyone reviewing the directories for these states

Scope of Services -

Refer to their website for detailed descriptions


Biographic Information
  •  links to optional Biographic Profiles for the main contacts as listed above
  •  these Profiles facilitate direct, personal introductions and are similar to the biographic sketches which are used to introduce speakers at events; they can usefully highlight industry or project experience prior to the current position

Published research, promotional materials, or articles

can link directly to published copies, and/or add to Consultant Tips

Specialties : Types of projects - Highlights of unique service capabilities

Information not yet available.  Refer to their website or contact directly.

This can highlight industry specialties, network features, special services, etc.

Illustrative project summaries -

Information not available at this time.  Refer to their website or contact directly.

This can be used to highlight projects which the team has supported

Illustrative client list -

Refer to their website or contact them directly.

This can be used to highlight major clients, or link to an appropriate list

Other related services of the company


Alliances with other firms - see their website

This can be used to highlight working relationships with other railways such as Kansas City Southern or others for rail services beyond the BNSF service areas



Feedback from participants or clients - not available at this time

We may selectively share feedback from executives with direct experience working with a service provider.  We do not propose to publish all such feedback, but may quote such feedback when authorized to do so by the executive involved, and when the comments seem appropriately reliable and relevant to other executives.  There is also a separate service for publication of testimonials when appropriate.

We welcome feedback from executives who have worked with this service provider.

Relationship Disclosure

There is no relationship at this time beyond general awareness of their services.  For details about their services, please contact them directly, and please let them know how you found them !

If participation is proposed and agreed in the future, it would be on the same basis as other professional services, namely, a non-exclusive and independent relationship to get to know their capabilities better.  This helps us to be well-prepared to introduce them to executives who might otherwise be unaware of their existence and value their capabilities to support investment project decisions.  Services would be agreed directly between the service provider and such executives, without GDI Solutions becoming a party to any resulting services or transactions.

Relationship leader at GDI Solutions for potential clients :

  •  Bruce Donnelly

    Please advise regarding any necessary corrections to this Service Profile. 


    The relationship leader is responsible for maintaining sufficiently frequent contact and knowledge at GDI Solutions about participating services.  The leader keeps published GUIDE Service Profiles timely and consistent, and serves as an initial point of contact for any investors who may choose not to contact the service provider directly yet about their interests, such as at a very exploratory or confidential stage of project planning or information gathering.

Standard legal disclaimer : about professional service provider participants, contacts, and information

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