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We welcome reciprocal links from respected websites which are directly relevant to our work.  Relevant organizations include:

  •  Economic development organizations (EDO's)
  •  Chambers of Commerce
  •  Investment Promotion Agencies (IPA's)
  •  Consultants (site selection and others related to direct investment projects - M&A, new locations, relocation, consolidation, closure)
  •  Professional associations related to the direct investment field
  •  Corporate real estate service providers and facilities management services
  •  Foreign trade zones, enterprise zones, industrial parks, office parks, etc.
  •  Project management specialists, architects, engineers
  •  Office and industrial developers, REIT's, and commercial construction firms
  •  HR and plant or equipment relocation specialists
  •  Logistics specialists and air services, airports, railways, port authorities
  •  Project finance specialists, banks, venture capitalists, etc.
  •  Tax and legal professionals, incentives specialists
  •  Trade promotion organizations, including government agencies
  •  Business publishers (vertical industry, general management, finance, etc.)
  •  Specialty publishers (economic development, international trade, etc.)
  •  Market research organizations doing work related to this specialty
  •  Corporate intranets, such as portals and websites used by executives for internal reference purposes, such as to find suppliers or research sources
  •  Corporate procurement and B2B
  •  Travel and tourism offices or services (related to business travelers)
  •  Business event organizers (trade shows, relevant executive events, etc.)
  •  Executive clubs or special interest groups active in business strategy, economic development initiatives, trade, or international investment issues

Refer also to how to request a listing and website link in our directories.

We welcome ordinary text links, or we can work together to come up with a graphic link which fits well in the design of the most relevant page of your website.

You can cut and paste the above text box and link it to and edit it to whatever image size fits your page design.  The font is Garamond bold. For very small images, we switch to Arial or Arial bold, as shown at right.

The image below is a 213x95 .gif file, similar in size to the CoreNet logo as used on various pages of our website.

The buttons above are 120 x 60 .gif images with links to  Various color combinations and image content are used in our advertising when there are different space constraints or design issues (website color scheme, etc.), as demonstrated above.


If something else would better fit your website design, please just let us know your requirements.

Monthly website visit statistics    Daily website visit statistics
  •  201,982 visits in 2004 = 16,831 / month = launch year
  •  324,413 visits in 2005 = 27,034 / month = 61% increase
  •  573,665 visits in 2006 = 47,805 / month = 77% increase
  •  607,312 visits in 2007 = 50,609 / month = 6% increase
  •  similar trend early in 2008 as in 2006-2007.  See Market Reach.
Regional directory page visits - analysis of visitor interests

For print or online advertising, ask us about fDi magazine, which is published by the Financial Times group (FT Business)

There are also various ways for professional service providers and economic development agencies to be featured through the content of our website.  Contact us directly for details.

The above 468x60 banner is for our website which is the main website we are promoting from 2008 since it offers powerful new research tools, including the capability to find any of our existing content and to selectively search hundreds of websites by location or professional specialty..

The button above is 200x60 at 96dpi.  If the text appears jagged, a higher resolution version is available on request.

The 120x60 button above is intended for smaller button placements.  Other sizes are available on request.

If the reciprocal link is in a space suitable for a banner ad in a header or footer, these are the images which we are using at this time, with links to the home page as indicated.  These are 468x60 .gif files with a link to the website as indicated.

The banner and button links as shown here are for general use by relevant organizations.  Special links will be set up for clients on request.

For example, some areas may want to link directly to their own Area Profile, Area Report (post-Tour visit report), Area Survey, Ad Recall listing of their recent advertising, etc.

Similarly, some professionals may choose to link to their own Service Profiles or Surveys, or to other pages relevant to their specialties or the likely interests of their website users.

The image below is a 210 x 90 .gif file which should be linked to our other website at

In general, we use underlined Arial (not bold) for the first line : On The Short List

We use Garamond italic (not bold) in a slightly smaller font for the second line :

The Professional Site Selection Tool

Similar fonts may be substituted.

The image below is a 120x60 .gif file which should be linked to our other website at

If you have any problems with these images, or need something in a different size or resolution, please contact us or use the guidance at left to produce something similar.  We generally use white text on a dark navy blue background for and use a burgundy background for

In some cases it may be appropriate to establish "deep links" to the specific content pages which are most likely to be of interest to users of the reciprocal links.  For example, a US county or local economic development agency may wish to link to the relevant state directory, while investment promotion agencies in other countries may want to link to the relevant regional contacts directory or, in the case of Europe, the national or Invest in Europe directory.  They may also wish to link directly to local Area Reports, Area Profiles, Surveys or other content.

The basic structure of our website should be relatively stable for this purpose, although new features are constantly being added, and content updated.

In the case of deep links, it is best to discuss these with us in advance so that we can provide guidance about any website changes we foresee which might render such links obsolete.

In some cases, we may actually set up special "landing pages" for the benefit of users of reciprocal links, so that the content is tailored to the expected interest of the users of such links.  We sometimes do this with our online advertising so that we can tailor the content and make it more responsive to trends in user interests for that specific media readership.

For example, the content featured on a landing page for financial executives would be different from media aimed at HR executives or corporate real estate professionals.

Contact us if this may be of interest as a way to make reciprocal links even more responsive than a link to our home page.

We receive many unsolicited requests for reciprocal links from our website through broadcast emails (spam?) promoting other websites which frequently are not even relevant to our professional specialty.

We do not pursue or accept irrelevant links.

We try to link only to relevant sources of information for our expected visitors.

We already provide free links through our directories of contacts worldwide for economic development organizations and professional service providers related to this niche, and we add to these listings selectively upon request or through our own research.  This maintains the convenience and value of such lists as an independent reference tool for the executives and advisors we serve for direct investment projects.

Send questions, suggestions, or comments about this site to Disclaimer.

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